the bookstore was founded in 2003 by twin brothers paul & daniel, the first 3 years were run parallel to a successful start-up business in the uk, the profits were then reinvested into the truly unrivalled selection that is housed in the heart of prenzlauer berg. the largest selection of new & used english language books in berlin and possibly in germany.

a large selection of books can be ordered before 5pm in the evening and arrive the next day, otherwise we have roughly 5 shipments a week from the us and the uk. depending on the day, delivery is usually between 2-5 days. just ask and we'll let you know.

we endeavour to remain a used bookstore with regular hand-picked, second-hand shipments from the uk. we purchase our own used books back from customers at half price for store credit, we do also buy books for credit(+) or cash(-).

extras; wireless lan, gift certificates, we accept ec/visa/mastercard, payments can be made in us dollars, pounds sterling and aussie dollars. we ship within germany for €0.85 (>500g) - €1.40 (>1000g). we also ship outside of germany.

11am - 8pm
11am - 8pm
11am - 8pm
11am - 8pm
11am - 8pm
11am - 7pm
we specialize in english language books first and foremost, but we then concentrate on certain categories such as philosophy, theory, fiction and german history. something for everyone, we have a blooming poetry section which includes the obvious runners; pound, ginsberg, bukowski, creeley, plath & hughes to the less obvious; mandelstam, corso, mayakovsky, walcott...

in our philosophy/theory section you’ll find the following authors; arendt, benjamin, deleuze, eagleton, foucault, guattari, habermas, irigaray, kant...

there is a separate 10 metre bookcase housing works translated from german into english by the likes of doeblin, hermann, feuchtwanger, kaestner, kafka, sebald, schulze, zweig...

we have a strong selection of foreign authors translated into english such as capek, moravia, hrabal, toussaint, perec, tolstoy, etc

british & american fiction writers such as chandler, orwell, dick, rushdie, roth, carter, bowles, ballard, fitzgerald, mcewan... are also represented.

we carry the nyrb (5€), N+1 (12€), exberliner (2.50€) we stock a large selection of publishers we like, such as new york review of books, dalkey archive, new directions, city lights, and exact change among others

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Saint Georges English Bookshop is close to the Kollwitz Platz in Prenzlauer Berg, the nearest Tram is the M2 and stops at the Marienburger Straße. You can also reach us from the U-Bahn station Senefelder Platz on the U2 or the S-Bahn from Prenzlauerallee.
Wörther Straße 27
Prenzlauer Berg
10405 Berlin

030 81 798 333
proprietor: paul gurner

saint george's english bookshop
woerther str. 27
10405 berlin

+49 30 81 798 333

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